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Jewellery | alchymiegoldengate.com



Each piece of jewellery is individually hand-crafted.  The pendants can be worn everyday, quietly emanating their individual Energies to support the life process in an uplifting way.

To further receive the Alchymeic Imbuement of the Pendant you may drink the Energy by gently tapping the Pendant to a glass of water – this will imbue the water.  Then have a drink.  The Pendant only needs to touch the outside of the glass for a moment – the imbuement is instant and the Pendant doesn’t need to touch the water itself.  You may find that closing your eyes helps you to relax and focus on receiving the energy of the pendant.

Another way of reconnecting with the Pendant Energy is take a moment and simply hold the Pendant and receive the energy via your breath.  You may also sit in meditation while holding your pendant.

A selection of jewellery can be found here.