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Octahedrons | alchymiegoldengate.com


These energy tools are utilised directly for restoration and deep release. Psychically they are seen to be opening new areas, chambers and spaces that have never been allowed within the contracted space of mortal form. The Octahedrons are part of the evolutionary redevelopment or reconstruction of the body-mind-self, unravelling the complicated energies structures in the beginning phase of our resurrection as Cosmic Man.

Soulfire Octahedron

This energy tool has come at a time when mankind is in great need of restoration, to lift the entire being to the new vibratory current of ‘Soulfire’.

.The octahedron is the seed of mineral life, upon which everything depends. It is the seed of all of the plant and animal kingdom. It is the seed of life. Thus this capsule was revealed out of the light and became obvious it was to be a tool for use on the body-mind-self and a directional tool for the use on others.
The capstones on each tip become a point of direction to be used on the points of the being. The RR Soulfire current held within the centre of this alchymeic tool fires its directional intensity. Through the birthing process of this Divine tool were felt extreme levels of heat and reconstructive energy.  The space initially was felt through the brain-mind. The vision appeared of the energy field associated with the brain-mind opening as though sliced. New areas, opening chambers, opening space that has never been allowed in the contracted space of mortal form. The newness of this form could be seen to be under extreme pressure in the density of this plane of existence, in other words such an evolved space has not yet been created. The RR Soulfire Octahedron appeared to be creating and allowing this space as it continued to move down through the form, part of the evolutionary redevelopment or reconstruction of the body-mind-self, energetically, in the beginnings of our reflected form as Cosmic Man.

Temple of Man Octahedron

The energy of this Octahedron is intended for the utter support and awakening of these bodies as The Temple Of Man or the awakened enlightened state whole-bodily.

The gravity, the density or entropy that exists at every level of our existence presents a severe limitation on true Spiritual development. This wonderful Octahedron stands as real support in these exhausting times…

Earth Light Octahedron

The Yellow appeared specific to the navel or hara, the initiatory current of creative force, the power centre of existence.

Soul Octahedron

The Purple, to be called the “Soul Octahedron”, is specific to the dissolution of identification to the karmic recycling pattern of movement in and out of lifetimes. Releasing and allowing attention to abide in the present moment as consciousness itself.

Subtle Mind Octahedron

In the vision, the first colour to appear was Blue. Directly relating to the volumetric opening of the cerebral (or ordinary) mind to cosmic mind.

First Touch Octahedron

“Penetrating the first touch of the fear of the knot of separative self, the first touch of the dark heart.”   This Octahedron was revealed to be a necessary addition to help penetrate deeper within the soul, the psyche, touching and splitting the point where fear begins and is held. Fear begins when there is more than one. This Energy is therefore intended to penetrate the very moment of separation in the soul, allowing us to be touched deeply beyond separative self, beyond fear of ‘the other’, planting the seeds of Divine enlightenment.