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Stickers | alchymiegoldengate.com


The stickers are alchymeically imbued to radiate their particular blessing and clearing energies through the environment in which they are placed.

The Alchymeic stickers we have are


Place this sticker in your car.    Its energy helps you be more in feeling with the car and its surroundings while driving.


This sticker helps you not be ‘programmed’ while watching a movie.   It helps to give you ‘space’ between yourself and the movie.

Home, Office and Shop

These energies create a conscious environment to bring about harmony and flow in our home, office and shop.

Pristine H.A.T.

Household Artifact Transformer

This sticker helps to bring freshness to the environment where it is placed.  You may place this sticker on the wall, fridge, washing machine, toilet, iron, Vacuum Cleaner etc.

Shadow of the WWW

Purification and protection is needed from all manner of negative communication we invite through our connections to cyberspace (the world of computer technology), and we are including television, phones etc in this context. Shadow of the World Wide Web stickers protect us from all manner of harm that we invite through these connections.

This sticker can be placed on computers, phones, television etc. You can also place it on your doorway and on your walls,


Poltergeists are spirits, usually mischievous and occasionally malevolent, which manifests their presence by making noises, moving objects, assaulting people or animals and intervening with machinery. In some cases poltergeists may involve actual spirits. In other cases phenomena may be produced through undisciplined, unpurified psycho-physical manifestations from individuals with little or no understanding of what they are doing, an unconscious reflex. Whatever the case, the Poltergeist must be dissolved.

This sticker can be placed on computers, phones, television etc. You can also place it on your doorway and on your walls.

Phone talk package

Phone Talk package consists of these stickers: Phone Talk, Shadow of The World Wide Web and Poltergeist.

The Phone Talk sticker helps to clear negative communication that come through the phones. You may place these stickers anywhere on the phones.