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Alchymie Products

The Alchymie Energy Products are imbued with the intention of supporting our Transformation in consciousness.   They are products of Hermes Far Eastern Shining.  They hold a Divine current which can be seen as pure Light.  That Light resonates with the intuitive Heart pulse that exists within every individual. The Alchymie energy products function purely at an ‘Energetic’ level, helping in allowing the flow of Infinite life-forece into our lives.  They help to release the blocks and limitations we encounter, and bringing Light into our lives.  They help us to ‘wake up’ and remember our true nature of prior happiness, love and freedom.

The Alchymeic products come in many forms.  They include Wands, Discs, Collections, Jewellery, Energy Houses, Sprays, Stargate, Octahedrons, Threshold Packs, and other spatial products.    Some hold the intention of supporting personal transformation, others hold the Alchymeic Intention of purifying the environment.

DISCScollectionsjewelleryenergy4   stargate   gargoyle

Where do I start?

We are blessed with many amazing Alchymeic energies.  People who are new to this work may wonder where to begin.  You may have an Alchymeic session with  an Alchymie Practitoner to determine energies that are most supportive for your transformation at the time.   However, everyone would benefit from the following fundamental energies.

Essential Fundamental Energies


          Quantum Vaccuum Arr 192

Don’t Fence Me In Arr 231

Nuclear Tracker

No Law for Negativity Arr 185

Lifestream Arr 186

Sonic Hedgehog

Kriya Yoga Wizard

Asian Stance


Elan Vital

Negativity Release (Dark Daemon Nuclear Blast)


          Psychic Clearing Collection

Fractal Earth Collection

Touching Light Collection

Pendants (at least one of the following pendants)

Dolphin Under Orion

Touching Light



Sweet Point

Energy House (at least one of the following)

Bright Room

Tao House

 The fundamental energies are those that provide the basic support, keeping us psychically clear, strong and radiant living in this world. As our products are always evolving, new energies may be created in response to energetic challenges we encounter. Some of these energies may also become fundamentals.